An immigration processing ecosystem,
designed from the ground up

Immigration Portal

A glimpse into a massive undertaking 🌎

Immigration Made Easy...

From November 2022 to June 2023 I lead the effort to design a platform that made the traditionally complex and time-consuming process of immigration much quicker and easier to understand. The original platform was a patchwork of different tools and technologies that often broke or lead to dead ends and was frustrating for my users. Information was regularly lost or entered incorrectly, users weren’t getting notified of actions that needed to be taken, and this ultimately lead to lost customers and revenue.

How it went...

Prior to launching the new platform, I sat down with several key stakeholders across all essential user types. These included both internal users, such as salespeople, agents, consultants, marketers, and platform administrators as well as external users such as workers seeking jobs in Canada, and employers looking to hire skilled immigrants outside of the country. In order to build the right thing, I used a combination of brainstorming sessions, interviews, and feedback sessions using low and high fidelity prototypes to gather feedback quickly and accurately. Through this, I was able to determine three key areas that all user types required to perform their work. These were:

Provides a comprehensive and specific view into the software at a glance for each user.

All immigration applications and associated information that is specific to each user type.

All meeting and correspondence information that tends to serve as the backbone of the immigration process.

(Secondary areas included some user management, account management, profile management, and document management)

Transitioning a user base off an existing piece of software when they have established mental models and habits formed around that software is difficult. To get around this, I made sure that the implementation of the new platform encompassed three aspects; simplicity, familiarity, and efficiency. By keeping these aspects in mind while designing and engineering this new platform, myself and my team were able to successful transition ~30,000 monthly active users to the new platform with minimal disruption. After the launch of our platform, we saw a 2.3x increase in new sign-ups to the software.